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Q: How much should I dilute the ecoAgra™ concentrate?
A: The Normal dilution is 300:1, or one part concentrate to 299 parts water. For ongoing maintenance, a dilution of 600:1 can be used.

Q: How often should I Spray?
A: This is dependent on conditions. We suggest pre-treating the seeds, and then applying ecoAgra™ when plants have good leaf growth, typically between 3"-5" high. From then on, you should apply per the application procedures document, typically 2 - 3 times per season. It is also suggested after a heavy rain, as high humidity encourages fungus growth. It is important to spray in cool conditions, preferrably in the morning, evening or night time. Do not under dilute.

Q: What type of sprayer and nozzle should I use?
A: It really doesn’t matter. What is important is that the plants be drenched to the point of run-off. It’s necessary for the spray to reach all parts of the plant in order for it to have maximum effectiveness.

Q: Can I use it in the nursery or greenhouse on newly planted seedlings?
A: Definitely! Greenhouses that reported a 30% to 50% loss of new plantings due to damping off, report they now have 100% totally productive planting trays. Some nurseries briefly wash new seeds in the solution before planting.

Q: Can ecoAgra™ be used in conjunction with pesticides, fungicides, etc.?
A: Yes. There is no problem in mixing current chemicals with ecoAgra™ . Very often this will result in far superior performance than just your present chemicals used alone. In this instance, it acts as a very efficient carrier. Mixing it with chemicals does not diminish the inherent power of ecoAgra™ . Most users when mixing have cut there pesticide use by 50% or more, saving thousands of dollars!

Q: About how much spray is required to cover an acre?
A: As a rule of thumb, 45.5 liters (12 US gallons) should be sufficient to drench one acre. Once plants are healthy and flourishing, use 1/2 the dilution rate for plant maintenance.

Q: What other benefits are there using ecoAgra™ ?
A: There are several benefits!
There is no EPA or government regulatory issue when spraying ecoAgra™
Your workers no longer have to dress in protective clothing when using ecoAgra™
ecoAgra™ is safe to use around humans and animals
Your equipment longevity is greatly extended; in fact it acts as a protectant, cleaning out old caked on deposits of sludge and any other types of hydrocarbon residues
No health hazards to workers, animals, customers and owners, and no worry about drifting into neighborhoods
No warning signs needed when spraying, or concerns of chemical drift
No special storage or disposal worries, unlike chemical pesticides
ecoAgra™ is highly concentrated, you aren’t paying to ship water, and your ready to use price is just pennies per gallon!

Q: How would you best explain the remarkable results people have reported when using ecoAgra™ ?
A: ecoAgra™ contains minor nutrient elements which are being absorbed by the leaves. The major factor involved is that ecoAgra™ contains sodium, which is an extremely efficient transporter of nutrients. It has been postulated that all the other elements needed by the plant hang onto the sodium and because of our nanometer sized particle structure, are delivered directly into the plant. Even more importantly a clean plant leaves enhances photosynthesis, which increases a plants ability to fight pests and disease.

Q: I have an organic garden. I hear that you have a formula for gardeners and eco-minded growers?
A: Indeed. ecoAgra™ carries no EPA red flags. It is readily biodegradable. It stimulates photosynthesis and dissolves lipid cellular proteins. It emits no irritating or offensive fumes. It easily cleans farm equipment. It removes dust, oil, pesticides, insect stains, etc from plants and produce. Because it is a "sodium carrier", it stimulates nutrient absorption and increased growth and yield. Because it is a water softener, it reduces the amount of expensive pesticides required.
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