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Why use ecoAgra™ Plant Protect for soil remediation? The Sodium in fertilizers typically remains in the top one foot of soil and can inhibit water from passing through - much as excess sodium in the human body will trap water. This action inhibits root growth depth and hence, soil fitness and pH balance, making the soil "weak" and more susceptible to molds, fungi and other similar issues as well as creating an environment in the soil suitable for habitation by many of the more nuisance and harmful pests - as the soil becomes more acidic.

Soil compaction can also result - creating greater and greater runoff of water even during the most moderate of seasons. This compaction alone can pass many fertilizers and harmful environmental concerns off with the water and into watershed areas, aquifers and other areas maintained for human benefit - while less seeps into the fields where it is needed most. The runoff of harmful chemicals into rivers, streams and groundwater, resulting from agricultural farming activity is one of the biggest polluters of groundwater in the US and Canada. By using ecoAgra™ Plant Protect the use of fertilizers may be reduced, much as a healthy body needs less food for nutrition due to its balanced pH and better functioning, soil conditioning is much the same. 
Use Before Planting
Use After Planting
Reduce Compaction
The Fruit of Your Labor
In the case of soil remediation, the water solution of ecoAgra™ Plant Protect will serve to hydrate and liberate micro-soils into a water solution with irrigation water and force the displacement of hydrocarbon soils out of the water column toward the ambient surface or lower density environment and also serve to promote anaerobic digestion in soils.

Solutions of as little as 1 gallon of ecoAgra™ Plant Protect to 1 acre inch of irrigation water is able to displace hydrocarbon contaminants very effectively, while the surfactant itself readily biodegrades in an oxygen and water environment exposed to ambient bacteria. The actual clean-up is accomplished with various absorbant materials or by flooding and recovery or by the use of screeds which serve to skim off the hydrocarbon contaminants.

Soil balance is the key to success. When our soils are out of balance we are unable to utilize fertility inputs to their potential, and the continued application of the wrong products may cause a greater negative effect and continue to drive the soil even further out of balance.
Common Problems:
Soil hardness and compaction
Poor water penetration with high evaporation
Low organic matter
Weak plants with high stress
Increased plant disease and insect pressure

In addition, there are other negative aspects that we may notice from time to time like "cutting out early." We eventually come to the question "What is it going to take to correct the problems and stay in business?" Sustainability is a result of maintaining soil balance.

This approach to soil management involves four major areas:
Nutrient Balance
Organic Matter
Biological Activity

The Net result of a sustainable approach to soil management is more dollars in your pockets through higher productivity and improved quality.
Physical Changes To Look For:
Reduction in soil compaction
Better water utilization, including root zone retention
Reduced evaporation
Healthier, more vigorous plants
Leaching and complexion salts
Better disease resistance with less insect pressure
Better nutrient utilization
Improved soil oxygenation and sustained microbial life in soils

An additional result of spraying a field with ecoAgra™ Plant Protect after plowing is that crop rotation becomes unnecessary. This also adds up to great savings and reduced labor costs.
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