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ecoAgra Plant Protect (eA300) is a USDA BioPreferred product that can has been known to allow for reduced chemical usage. Water requirements also drop substantially.

Healthy root systems reach farther into the soil, so are better able to use organic nutrients. Roots also stay in contact with the water table longer and have greater carbohydrate reserves to sustain them through periods of stress and drought. Summer fallow and crop rotation are no longer required.

Crops will endure longer without rain or irrigation, thus reducing precious water resources. In certain cases, it may be possible to get mulitple yields per season.
... see Soil Remediation

ecoAgra™ can be used to wash produce during the processing prodecure, or at home, in order to remove pesticides, wax, insect droppings and dirt.
... see Application Procedures ... see BRIX ... Pest Resistance
Deeper Roots Reach More Water
eC300 = Thriving Plants
Extra Sweet - Yummy!

Bountiful! Spray More - Pay Less Increased Yield
eA300 dramatically impacts the health, quality, sweetness, and look of fruits and vegetables. Flowers are radiant with a substantial reduction in water and chemical use!
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Other Applications Frost Protection
eA300 can also be used on outside flowers, shrubs, trees, or anything that is growing. It can also be used as a produce washer, easily removing pesticides, dust and insect droppings harmlessly from fruits and vegetables. ... How It Works Once pants have been treated with eA300, BRIX levels increase, which helps protect flowers, grass, trees and crops against frost damage. This can extend the growing season. Spray 8-12 hours before an anticipated frost. ... read about BRIX
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