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ecoAgra Plant Protect (eA300) is a USDA BioPreferred product that can has been known to allow for reduced chemical usage. Water requirements also drop substantially.

The application of eA300 raises the photosynthesis capability in turf grasses and other plants. Increased photosynthesis and BRIX levels are the robitussin for turf problems.

Increased BRIX levels enhance the nutrient exchange capability of root systems causing them to increase in size and grow deeper into the soil. This rich increase in sugars and rapid exchange process is how turf repairs itself within a few sprays. After application, roots needs less water, less labor, and result in less liability.

eA300 is a super surfactant that increases the metabolism of plants and creates lubricity in the plants translocation system. This raises the BRIX levels in plants and allows nutrients to flow freely with very little effort and stress to the plant.

Until you are happy with ecoAgra™, we suggest experimenting with use, and applying as required. Although we suggest different procedures depending on the plant, weather conditions and other factors make specific usage rules an inexact science.
Healthy Grass - Low Cost
Inexpensive Application
Use Less Water
Turf Before eA300 More Treatment - Less Payment Turf After eA300
eA300 impacts the quality and look of grass with a substantial reduction in water use. Simply spray it on, and behold the results. ... more info
Other Applications Frost Protection
ecoAgra™ can also be used on outside flowers, shrubs, trees, or anything that is growing. It can also be used as a produce washer, easily removing pesticides, dust and insect droppings harmlessly from fruits and vegetables. Once pants have been treated with ecoAgra™, BRIX levels increase, which helps protect flowers, grass, trees and crops against frost damage. This can extend the growing season. Spray 8-12 hours before an anticipated frost.
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